Why You Should Rethink your Manufacturing

Why You Should Rethink Your Manufacturing "About Us" Page

There’s a common misconception about what your About Us web page should be and must include.

Despite popular belief, lengthy company histories, mission statements, and team biographies are not mandatory components of an effective website. Often times, the page itself is not even necessary.

An engaging website should demonstrate what your company does on each page so that visitors know they are in the right place, regardless of what page they begin on. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

What Can You Do to Make Your Current About Us Page Better?

A great introductory page for manufacturing websites is simple and straightforward. It answers questions potential customers might have about the company and matches solutions to their problems. When writing, ask yourself questions like:

  • What do we do?
  • What is our competitive advantage?

You should be able to communicate exactly what you do in a short, easy to read sentence or two. Keep your audience in mind and try to stay away from industry jargon and terminology.

Chances are, if a user can’t figure out what you do from your About Us page, they won’t stay to try to dig and find out.

Show, Don’t Tell.

Including images on your introductory page is not just about making the website look appealing (although it helps) - it’s about building trust. Visitors are far more likely to react to high quality, industrial photography than a page full of text. Images also establish credibility and help build rapport with your visitors.

Listing your accomplishments is great, and an About Us page is the right place to feature the accolades you’ve received, but showing your potential clients what you’ve done is far more effective than simply telling them. Consider providing a short case story about a problem you’ve solved for a customer or include their detailed testimonial with some relevant imagery.


Ultimately, your introductory web page should pique the interest of potential customers and motivate them to discover more on their own through tailored website content on other pages of your website. Don’t forget to include contact details and a link to buy online (if applicable) to make it easy for users to convert to customers.