The Key Principle To Mastering Your SEO: Google's EAT

Mastering an SEO strategy is an ongoing task. With Google regularly updating its algorithms, that means regularly performing research and revisiting your strategies. However, there is one principle behind each Google algorithm update: EAT. Building your strategies upon EAT is the key for long-term success. So, what exactly is it?

Easy as E-A-T

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Note: EAT is not an algorithm; it is a concept in Google’s Search Quality Guidelines. Essentially, Google uses these three criteria to evaluate the quality of those pages. The quality determines where that web page will show up in search engine results pages. 


While EAT is not an algorithm, it is the principle that Google bases its algorithm updates off of. 


Expertise: What Makes You Knowledgeable in Your Industry? 

When you visit a website, you are searching for something to suit one of your needs. The best ranking websites are those that are able to identify and exceed those needs. Your content strategy should be focused on the user and how your particular product or service will benefit them. It’s not only knowing what your audience wants, it’s also knowing the best way for you to communicate that information to them. Understanding your audience’s intent and where they are in the buying process is key. 

Example: Case Studies

Have success stories from previous clients that used your product? Use them! Create comprehensive case studies that showcase how your product was able to serve its purpose and benefit customers in a real-life scenario. 

P.S.: These also can attribute to your trustworthiness, but we will talk about that concept later. 

Authority: What Makes You Stand Out in Your Industry? 

You’ve proven you’re an expert, but so is your competition. You have to incorporate content that shows users you have the authority in your industry. There are two ways to enhance your authority: 

Link Building  

When other websites link to your website, this builds your brand and enhances your SEO. Link building contributes to your domain’s authority. Links are preferred, but being mentioned at all also enhances your authority. Connect with customers and partners to start link building and continue providing content (such as helpful industry blogs) that other sources can link to. Linking your own content to other pages on your website helps too!

Shareable Content

Creating content that can be widely shared across social media such as blogs, news stories, or project summaries attributes to your authority. Regularly share your content on your own social media to encourage your followers and fans to interact with it. 

The goal is to strengthen your brand so that users are also searching for your company name specifically when they need a product or service.

Trustworthiness: How Can You Prove It? 

Your reputation matters, especially when it comes to search rankings. Build trustworthiness with your customers by highlighting customer testimonials and reviews on your products and services. Provide incentive for customers to leave reviews on your products. You can use email marketing to send out surveys to your customers and use their feedback as testimonials. While your website content can explain the benefits you have to offer, hearing from other customers who have had experience with your company is the living proof. Good reviews signal good quality, both to web users and Google. 

Always be transparent with your users as well. Place your privacy policy and terms & conditions on your website. These are typically placed as links in the footer. 


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