Marketing Automation ... Are You Doing It Yet?

One of the most difficult aspects of an industrial and manufacturing sales person’s job is identifying and qualifying prospective customers that are familiar with their company, interested and in need of their products or services, and in a position to buy. Cold calling and emailing a list of opportunities are still common in manufacturing, but you’re not typically dealing with qualified leads in either of those situations. 

That’s where Marketing Automation steps in…

Marketing Automation changes the game because it allows you to develop and cultivate warm leads through a series of automated communications triggered by actions on your website. It’s much more than a series of scheduled emails, rather, it’s a series of workflows that efficiently add leads to your sales pipeline without having to pick up a phone.   

From saving some precious time, to optimizing landing pages and lead generation, to simply having a better marketing campaign analysis tool, the scope of Marketing Automation goes beyond simply a way to “set it and forget it” on your day-to-day tasks. Marketing Automation gives you a clear advantage over any single email marketing or CRM system while combining the best features of both into one platform.

Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll present a multi-part series detailing the advantages of Marketing Automation for manufacturers. 

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Part 1: Go Beyond Email Marketing, Start Automating