Self Perform Interactive Calculator

Self Perform Interactive Calculator

Project Information

Reliability Services, a division of Colfax Fluid Handling, focuses on industry-leading lubrication management and chemical cleaning solutions that help companies achieve world-class lubrication excellence.  Their main focus is on providing turbine flushing solutions for chemical companies and power plants.     

Reliability Services needed an interactive tool that provides accurate turbine flush costing estimates to maintenance crews, plant managers, engineers, and other key manufacturing employees.  The application needed to show their potential customers that they would save time and money during plant outages by partnering with Reliability Services rather than performing infrequent turbine flushes with an internal team

fh group built a web application called the Self Perform Calculator that asks viewers a series of questions in order to calculate their turbine flushing performance versus outsourcing through Reliability Services.  The Self-Perform calculator gave Reliability Services a tool that could make quoting and closing sales much easier to their sales team, website viewers, and leads.  The application was a great tool for Reliability Services and also a perfect example of the complex design capabilities of fh group.