Reliability Roadshow

Reliability Roadshow

Project Information

Reliability Services, a division of Colfax Fluid Handling, wanted to demonstrate their commitment to the Petrochemical market via a “billboard on wheels” that they could park onsite at customer locations to promote their services and brand, allowing them the ability to reach key players that may not typically attend trade shows.

fh group developed a touring, branded tractor trailer dubbed the “Reliability Roadshow” that offered face-to-face discussions with the Reliability Services industry experts, mobile demonstrations of oil mist technology, laminar vs. turbulent flow and free oil analysis.  

The approach by fh group included:

  • Floor layout design for the interior and exterior of the semi-trailer that provided a flow to guide participants visually through the Reliability Services product and services offering
  • Development and design of a seamless, integrated marketing campaign to promote the Reliability Roadshow via direct mail, email, sales flyers, safety flyers, lead forms, preregistration forms and branded promotional materials
  • Design and implementation of an interactive PowerPoint presentation that contained individual, detailed presentations of the Reliability Services offering organized by subject matter
  • Development, design and custom programming of an interactive web tool, “The Self-Perform Calculator” to demonstrate cost savings of hiring Reliability Services vs. companies performing the flushing work themselves
  • Design and programming of microsite to further enhance scheduling opportunities and preregistrations while offering up recent Reliability Services case studies
  • Mapping out the logistics of the tour including food and beverage order suggestions, spacing requirements for parking the roadshow, and a tentative schedule of events from set up to tear down


Reliability Services has completed 13 roadshows from July - December 2015 and received 124 leads with 7 more scheduled by the end of the first quarter in 2016.