McInnes Rolled Rings: Integrated Marketing Campaign

McInnes Rolled Rings: Integrated Marketing Campaign

Project Information:

There was a major rolled ring competitor in the region with a similar branding strategy, which led to significant brand confusion within the industry.  The major question to solve was: How can McInnes Rolled Rings differentiate themselves enough to stand out to high-volume customers in a commodity market?

The approach by fh group included:

fh group conducted a discovery session with the entire team at McInnes in order to understand their company structure, marketing approach, and their strengths and weaknesses as a company. 

The discovery sessions stressed the importance of the McInnes customer service team ahead of anything else. Their customer service team processes more than 1,000 quotes per month, guides their customers through the entire sales process, and they’re encouraged to go out of their way to make customers happy. The amazing customer service experience was pinpointed as the differentiator that their new marketing strategy would revolve around. 


fh-group’s immediate solution provided a long-term differentiation strategy focused on the McInnes Rolled Rings customer service experience and their speed of service. fh group also gave McInnes the ability to capture lead information and track conversions through their marketing campaigns across all channels, ensuring the value of their efforts could be measured and evaluated for effectiveness. Once the differentiation strategy was solidified, these elements were extended to an integrated marketing communications strategy that drove customers back to a new website focused on converting viewers into long-term customers.


  • Strong, consistent brand elements that solved any past brand confusion
  • Long-term marketing support from fh group
  • Website Sessions increased 127.63% over one year
  • Websites Users increased 138.84% over one year
  • Paid Search increased 120.15% over one year
  • Organic Search increased 19.9% over one year

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